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Fahim Jafri Exclusive Interview & Message for PAKISTAN | Such News

Here is an exclusive interview of Fahim Jafri Video Message for PAKISTAN by Such News. In this video Fahim Jafri announced his new mili naghma to be released after election 2018. Fahim Jafri's 71st Independence day song is Sabse Pehle Pakistan. ֎Click link for Love You Pakistan Song ❤ ֎Click link for watch New video ❤ ֎ Click link for watch my all videos ❤ ֎ Click link for Pakistani Talent Videos ❤ ֎ Click link for channel subscribe ❤ ֎ Click link for link for my manqabat playlist ❤ ֎ Click link for link for my naat playlist ❤ ֎ Click link for my nohay playlist ❤ ֎Click link for most watched video .❤ ֎Click link for my website ❤ ֎Click link for my facebook ❤ ֎Click link for my instagram ❤ ֎Click link for my Twitter ❤